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Your automated material handling equipment needs regular check-ups in order to maintain its optimum level of operation and ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. More importantly, regular servicing needs to be carried out by skilled engineers using specialist OEM tools and high quality parts.

Automated Installations provides all our customers with up to 4 servicing visits per year to ensure that all equipment required for production is operating at optimum efficiency at all times. These regular servicing inspections involve cleaning, lubricating, inspection safety testing and making minor adjustments so that any issues can be detected and corrected before they become a major problem.

Our engineers have a vast amount of experience and knowledge which allows us to carry out preventative maintenance.

Optimise equipment safety and lower your total cost of ownership

Equipment lifecycle is also a critical measure to determine service and efficiency. We help customers assess what lifecycle stage their equipment is at, and whether an upgrade is needed. Upgrades are complex business investment decisions that need to be carefully thought through and assessed. We help to identify performance degrades and repair costs to see whether an upgrade would be a more cost effective option.

We can help you to:

  • Improve the safety and security of your warehouse
  • Enhance uptime and equipment life span
  • Anticipate costly technical issues
  • Reduce downtime and critical losses
  • Lower operating expenses compared with other maintenance options
  • Identify upgrades at an early stage to help with financial planning