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About Automated Installations

Automated Installations specialise in the upgrading of manual and automated material handling equipment.

Our material handling upgrade systems are designed to achieve safer, faster, easier and more precise operations for your distribution centre. We also offer our customers comprehensive support, including consultancy on how to upgrade systems, an after-sales support service and comprehensive equipment training.

We provide equipment to many of the world’s leading companies, in industry sectors as diverse as automotive, electronics, construction and appliance. We are committed to continually developing and sourcing innovative solutions to ensure that our customers are always able to meet the logistical demands of an ever changing world seeking greater efficiencies and safety.

Our success is based on four cornerstone principles:

  • To provide end-to-end solutions that help our clients improve efficiency, safety and increase productivity
  • Ensure the smooth process from customer order through to installation and delivery
  • To provide outstanding levels of customer service and support throughout the product lifecycle
  • Ensure the quality and safety of products by conducting repeated durability and performance tests by our skilled engineers
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